Debra McDonald

Born: c.1969
Language: Pintupi
Region: Haasts Bluff/Papunya, NT

Born c1969 in the Haasts Bluff region, located 227 kilometres west of Alice Springs between Papunya and the MacDonnell Ranges, Debra is married to Rodney Tjakamara, the son of Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula and she is also the daughter of one of the Papunya Tula founders and great painters, Shorty Langkatja. The stories that Debra paints tell of the secret ceremonial sites at the back of the Aboriginal community of Kintore near Western Australia/Northern Territory border.

Debra typically uses a limited palette but it is her use and understanding of form that make her paintings so unique and powerful. She creates shapes to depict aspects of country and they are made all the more powerful by the black negative space that she leaves unpainted around them. Debra is an established artist who continues to push herself creatively.