Doreen Dickson Nakamarra

Born: c1964
Language: Warlpiri
Region: Willowra, NT
Doreen Dickson Headshot

Doreen is a senior painter from Willowra community, which is north-east of Alice Springs.  Doreen lives between Alice Springs, Willowra and also Yuendumu where many of her family live.  Doreen paints the traditional stories handed down to her by her parents and extended family.  She often paints the Bush Damper Seed, Seed Dreaming and My Country.

Doreen alternates between stark monochromatic palettes and vibrant colours depending on the story she paints.  Willowra has a lot of strong women painters who often employ black and white to portray the bush tucker that sustains them.  Doreen is proud to express aspects of her culture through her skilled and striking paintings.

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