Ingrid Treacle

Ingrid Treacle was born on her father’s country in Fregon, SA in 1970. Ingrid attended the local school until she went to secondary school in Alice Springs and then onto school in Adelaide. Ingrid commenced painting in the 1990s, painting mainly her Walka/Dreaming. Ingrid draws on her rich Aboriginal culture and her connection to her country.


“The Seven Sisters Dreaming was passed down to Ingrid Treacle by her father. The essence of the story involves seven sisters who travelled from place to place to escape from the man called Nyirru. He constantly changed his shape so they have to keep moving. He would like to marry the eldest sister but all the younger sisters do not like the idea of the bigger sister marrying the man because he is ugly and has six toes. Eventually the sisters fly up into the Milky Way and can be seen as the star cluster known as the Pleiades or Seven Sisters.”