Nellie Marks Nakamarra

Language: Luritja
Region: Kintore, NT.

Nellie Marks Nakamarra is the younger sister of the renowned artist, Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra.  The sisters share a similar style and many of the same Dreamings.  Nellie was taught to paint by many of the founders of the Western Desert art movement including Old Mick Namarari, Turkey Tolson and Uta Uta Tjangala.  These stylistic teachings are evident in her work with the strength of her designs and the confidence with which Nellie paints her stories.  Nellie’s subjects are primarily Pulli (rockholes), My Country, women’s stories and Women’s Tingari.  The artworks of Nellie have been widely exhibited. This painting depicts the topographic view of rockholes in Nellie’s country.  The rockholes were vital for survival, being a source of precious water and attracting flora and fauna.

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