Cecily comes from the Papunya region of Central Australia which is a small Indigenous community approximately 240 km northwest of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Cecily is the daughter of celebrated artist, Barney Daniels Tjungarrayi. Growing up, Cecily lived at an outstation just outside of Papunya called 5 Mile.  Her father taught her how to paint when she was a young girl.  Cecily is now married to the son of one of Papunya Tula’s founding artists, Kaapa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa.  

Cecily’s style of painting is characteristic of the Western Desert painters using dots and line-work to tell important Dreaming stories.  Using this basic form of marking making, Cecily creates incredible optical style art with rhythm, movement and depth, often depicting the Tingari ancestors or Tali (sand hills). 

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