Welcome to This is Aboriginal Art

Hello and welcome to This is Aboriginal Art.

As some of you may be aware, about 18 months ago I bought a two storey gallery in Todd Mall, Alice Springs.  The gallery was previously called Iranti Art Gallery but as time went on I decided to rebrand and put my stamp on things.  So our new name states simply what we offer – This is Aboriginal Art.

With our fresh rebrand, I bring you wonderful new artworks done by Central and Western Desert Aboriginal artists.  After completing a Masters in Arts Administration, I began my career in the Aboriginal art industry in Sydney in 2006. My passion for Aboriginal art still burns strong and I am excited as ever to always put forward what I think are some of the best artists painting right now!

This is Aboriginal Art offers educated, experienced and ethical service and advice.  We offer artworks for all budgets and if you don’t find what you are after on our website, please feel free to contact us directly.  We have a lot of work in the stock room that may never make our website.

If you ever do come by the iconic town of Alice Springs and its remarkable surrounds, please pop in a say hi and view our beautiful range of artworks.  If not, please enjoy our new website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy to be of service,