Esther Bruno Nangala

Born: 1981
Language: Luritja/Pintupi
Region: Papunya/Kintore
Esther Bruno Nangala Aboriginal Artist

Esther is the granddaughter of Naata Nungurrayi, a legend of the desert art movement, and was born in Alice Springs in 1981 and brought up in Christmas Creek, near Fitzroy Crossing, and later in Kintore. Esther represents an exciting view into the future of desert art. She paints bold traditional designs associated with women’s sites, ceremonies and the laws of her Country. Esther’s works are vibrant and brightly coloured and often quite textured with heavy paint application.  Esther takes a lot of pride in her painting, always looking for new ways to visually express her culture through colour and form.  This artwork depicts the Bush Raisin at an important women’s site in the Western Desert, and the activities and ceremony surrounding its gathering.