Gracie Morton


Gracie Morton is believed to have been born in 1956, although the exact date is unknown.  Her aunties are Gloria, Kathleen, Myrtle, Violet and Ada Bird Petyarre all of whom are recognised artists in their own right. Gracie began her artistic career during the 1988 Batik Project held in Utopia; all of these batik works are now held in the Robert Holmes á Court collection.  After acquiring painting skills in this project, Gracie moved to painting on canvas.  Many of her works now represent her Bush Plum Dreaming.  The finely layered dots of colour represent the low hanging fruits in various stages of ripeness.  The lines that dissect the canvas are the tracks the women walk to collect the plum. They meet in the middle, where the concentric circles are, to eat these nutritious fruits.  There are also many songs and ceremonies that relate to the bush plum.

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