Maureen Baker

Language: Ngaanyatjarra
Region: Warakurna, W.A.

Maureen Baker lives in Warakurna, located in Western Australia approximately 330km from Uluru, near the Northern Territory border.


Maureen is a creative and extremely talented artist, weaver, and administrator.  Maureen has recently been appointed to be the Director of NPY Women’s Council.   She has recently had her work in the “Hunting” animation which is currently on display in Canberra.


Maureen has participated in numerous exhibitions across Australia and she paints stories depicting her father’s country.   Maureen’s paintings are highly collectable, and she has had her works exhibited both nationally and internationally.


Her paintings depict the travels of two women (Kungka Kutjara) across the country, changing into animal forms to pass through certain areas and creating land formations as they did so.  The water holes and sites where the women camped on their travels are depicted, as well as other topographic details of the country.  Maureen’s paints with deep cultural knowledge and authority, successfully blending a traditional and contemporary aesthetic.

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