Theresa Campbell Nangala

Theresa Campbell Nangala is a Pintupi woman and was born in Kiwirrkurra, Western Australia.  Theresa has been painting for over ten years and paints regularly with her mother, Bambatu Napangardi, a well-established artist.  Bambatu taught her daughter how to paint her stories and they frequently collaborate on large canvases together.  Bambatu is widow to Dinni Campbell Tjampitjinpa, Teresa’s father, also a notable artist from the early 1970’s art movement.  Theresa paints the story of the Tingari ancestors.  The Pintupi people believe the Tingari ancestors created everything as they walked – the country, the flora and the fauna.  They also created the law by which the Pintupi live.  Theresa’s artworks depict the sites where the Tingari camped as they created the country.  Due to the sacred nature of the Tingari story, much is kept secret from the uninitiated.

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