Gail Napangati

REGION: Papunya, NT

Born in Papunya, Gail Napangati now lives in Amata, a small community in South Australia with her husband and family.  Gail’s painting style often reflects a fusion of the style of her birthplace with where she now resides in Amata.  Gail paints her grandmother’s country and also the Bush Onion Dreaming story (often represented by a central plant like image) and the journey of older women to gather it.  This painting shows the textures and undulating terrain of the grandmother’s country west of Papunya.  The lines are the tracks walked by the grandmothers to collect bush onion and the roundels represent either the waterholes around which the onion grows or where the onions have already been dugout from the land.


Gail says: ‘the ladies walk around looking for tucker and when they find a good place, they are sitting down and digging for tucker’.

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