Sabrina Spencer

Language: Warlpiri
Region: Willowra, N.T.

Sabrina Spencer lives in the small Aboriginal community of Willowra, some 300 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs.  Sabrina paints predominantly two major Dreaming stories one being the Bush Onion or Bush Medicine.


Sabrina paints in a reduced or monochromatic palette when painting the stories.   The bush onion is an important source of food that is collected by the women, and it grows around waterholes in Sabrina’s country.  The women collect, cook and eat the nutritious onion.


The waterholes around which the onion grows depicted in Sabrina’s paintings as the central roundel and the myriad of white dots and then the dotted lines are representative of the onion.


Sabrina is proving herself to be a much sought-after artist with a very distinctive op-art style.  Through repetition of pattern, Sabrina creates movement and depth and an overall contemporary aesthetic.  In 2020 Sabrina exhibited at Art Paris.

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