Ruby Morton Kngwarrey

Language: Alyawarre
Region: Utopia, NT

Ruby Morton is part of the original group of Aboriginal women to be taught the art of batik in the 1980s. Ruby has established herself now, as a painter using acrylic paint on canvas, in the same tradition as her mother, Mary Morton, as well as her sisters and aunties. Her Dreamtime stories belong to her countries Ngkwarlerlanem and Arnkawenyerr.


The stories that are featured in her paintings include Rainbow (boor-la-da), Ilyarn and Ilyarnayt, Tharrkarr (sweet honey grevillea), Yerramp (Honey ant), Bush Medicine Grass and also a variety of Alpeyt (flowers).


Ruby’s early batik work can be found in the ‘Robert Holmes a Court’ collection.

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