Aboriginal Artists

Here you’ll find a list of some of Australia’s best Aboriginal artists, their stories and an insight into what influences their artwork. This is Aboriginal Art, works with art centres based in remote Aboriginal communities across Australia to source exquisite art, artefacts and sculptures. Many of the indigenous artists showcased specialise in Central and Western Desert art.

This is Aboriginal Art’s Alice Springs Art Gallery, specialises in Aboriginal Art sourced directly from remote Indigenous communities across Australia.  If you’re looking for beautiful authentic Australian Aboriginal art, sculpture, artefacts and didgeridoo’s our team of experts can help you find the right piece.  Many of the  Indigenous artist we showcase, create their work right here in our studio. We’ve created a welcoming and fair place to paint while ensuring quality and authenticity.

Our artists present a large selection of aboriginal artworks from a more traditional aesthetic to the contemporary. If you’re after anything from a small memento to a stunning feature piece; we’ll be happy to help you. Get in touch for more information.